The Complete Fund

Accounting System is

Fully Integrated

FuTex Complete Fund Accounting

System is a fully integrated Accounting System designed to meet all the rigorous Accounting Standards as set forth by the General Accounting Standards Board for Non-Profit Organizations.


FuTex Complete Accounting System is fully compatible with the Windows

Based System, thus providing User

friendly drop down menus. FuTex continues to support operations on main frame platforms.


FuTex was developed in conjunction

with Business Managers, Audit

Consultants and Users, who were

dedicated to develop a complete Fund

Accounting Software that was both

easy to manage and met all

Government Reporting Requirements.

The end result is the FuTex Complete

Fund Accounting System.


Our client base consists of schools,

and non-profit agencies ranging from

50 to 2000+ Employees.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

FuTex Complete Fund Accounting has been on the market since 1993 and is being used in five Midwestern states by schools and nonprofit organizations ranging from 50 to 2000 employees.


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